Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Flip for Flip Flops

I live in flip flops. I bring my own pair of flip flops to most weddings and leave them in the car, just in case. Heels+Dancing=pain. I'm no fun when I'm in pain. So I love going to weddings with flip flop baskets, it means more dancing and fun. The first time I saw this was at a family friend's wedding and I thought it was the best idea ever! She actually did cute slip ons instead of flip flops, but it was amazing. The idea has stuck with me ever since. I've seen it at a few more weddings since then, and I'm hoping it will turn into a wedding classic. So of course, it is a must have for our wedding. I waited for Old Navy's annual flip flop extravaganza. Annually, they have a flip flop sale, where their classic flip flops are a $1 a pair! I needed lots of navy and white, I sat down one night and tried to figure out how many to get in each size. Mr. Starfish asked what I was doing and wanted to know why the guys don't get any flip flops? Ha. I went back to my count and prepared for the next morning.

I ended up getting about 26 pairs. Not enough for all the women, but I've noticed it's usually only the younger guests who take advantage of this anyways. So I hope the number is good. We tried to consider feet sizes of guests. A little hard to estimate!

Starfish Mom and I spent a couple hours on Sunday morning watching My Fair Wedding and Amazing Cakes while labeling all the flip flops. It was an easy project, which involved printing the numbers, punching out the numbers, punching the backing, punching a hole for ribbon, and then tying the ribbon. Super easy! I hope guests will use them and spend more time on the dance floor!
Are you providing flip flops or flats for your guests? How many did you purchase and how did you determine what sizes to get?


Snowy said...

Love it! I wish I had a smaller wedding to do it!

Bil said...

I'm bringing flip-flops for me and Mr. Newport!!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh how fun! I love the way they look! I would have loved to have these at our weddin but they're out of our budget. I know your guests are going to love and appreciate these :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh and I'm with BIL.. definitely bringing some for me and the soon to be hubby :) And I also plan on making some fun ones for my bridesmaids.