Saturday, August 28, 2010

Newport Attire

I've been looking for the perfect outfits for our week in Newport. Then last night I stumbled upon the Lily Pultizer Endless Summer Sale. When I think Newport attire, I typically think preppy or nautical. You can't really get more preppy than Lily Pulitzer. So I went on a little shopping spree. I originally wanted this Betsey dress for one of our bridal showers, but wouldn't pay the original $328.00, but once it hit the sale rack I had to have it. I think it will be perfect for our morning after brunch. Since it will be cool in Newport in October, I'll just need to pair it with a cute sweater.
And I got another dress that will need to be paired with a cute sweater. Mr. Newport loves me in pink, but I'm usually not a fan. But I love this dress and think it will be perfect for the bridesmaid luncheon.There was a special if you spent over a certain amount on your purchase, you got a free pair of sandals. I was sold! I chose the gold, since they'll go with both of the dresses above. Lastly, I got something a little more practical for Newport's October weather, one of Lily's Murfee scarfs. It will be perfect for walks along the water during our mini-moon.

Unfortunately, I think the sale ended last night, I would have shared early, if only I knew.

Did you go on any shopping sprees for "wedding" related attire?

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Sara said...

those are adorable!! I think this entire engagement has been one big shopping spree lol.. it seems like every event qualifies for new clothes :-)