Friday, August 20, 2010

Last fling Before the Ring

Last Friday, I spent the night with the Newport Girls on a treasure hunt! The Newport Girls planned an amazing weekend and it kicked off with a very appropriate nautical theme. They thought of a million fun details for everything from the room decorations to our outfits to every event througout our two day weekend. I was greeted with the shirt above, some accessories and a book which included clues that brought me all over downtown Boston in search of some bachelorette fun. Bridesmaid E hand painted glasses for each girl, which included images of anchors, sail boats, sand dollars and the date of the bachelorette weekend.
Bridesmaid E got super crafty again and made me a "Bride to Be" t-shirt and each of the bridesmaids t-shirts titled "Miss Newport's Anchors". She printed off the images on transfer sheets and put them on the shirts. I've never been on any type of scavenger hunt, so I had so much fun following clues all night. If you've been following along, you may know I really don't like surprises, but my bridesmaids proved me wrong because I had so much fun and didn't know anything until right before it was supposed to happen.

Clue one is pretty easy to figure out.

It was successful.
The clues brought me all over the city. Here is clue #2: We ended up at Sweet Bakery! A few of us tried their delicious cupcakes. Bridesmaid L1 and me went for the carrot cake, the cream cheese frosting is awesome! And since most of the girls worked that day and wanted to stay up for the night, they made a red bull stop, too.
I could not figure out clue #3, but it ended up being a chocolate shop on Newbury Street with exotic chocolates. Unfortunately they had literally shut their doors as we walked up, and I dont think they wanted to make an exception for a bachelorette party.
Clue 4 was super cute, as it reminded me of the amusement park Mr. Newport and I worked at during our summers in college. We ended up heading to Boston Common for a ride on the carousel.
After the carousel ride, I had to find a man in uniform to take a photo with. It wasn't too hard, since there was an office and park ranger about two feet away.
After the quick photo op, it was on to clue 6. A Boston staple, or tourist attraction, Cheers! My friends and I loved this place in highschool and went for everyone's celebrations, so it was fun to have it included as a stop on our hunt. We ended up getting lots of fried food, which was amazing, but not so amazing for the wedding diet. Actually nothing about this weekend was diet friendly, but so worth it!
Another clue led us to pedi cabs, which I love! Our drivers borrowed a couple of our stunna shades and drove from Cheers to fanueil in them. Pretty impressive as I couldn't walk two feet with them on. My absolute favorite bar in Boston, Jake Ivories which was a dueling piano bar closed last year. But, the Newport Girls found Jacob Wirths which has a piano sing along on Friday nights. We had so much fun singing along to Journey's Don't stop Believin and other songs. My favorite was getting the pianist to play "Goin to the Chapel". We belted that one!Jacob's was intended to be the last stop, but after so much fun we weren't ready to sleep. The night progressively got more fun as we went. We stopped at one more bar on the way back to our hotel and danced until closing. And this was just night one!Did you have multiple stops during your bachelorette?

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