Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You've got Mail!

Our invites went out! Can you tell Mr. Newport is excited? This means it's really real! Pretty soon our guests will be responding and before we know it the wedding will be here! After two years of planning, I'm beyond excited for the wedding day to finally arrive and become Mrs. Newport!

We spent the other night dropping our invites in a drive by mail box. I'd never seen this before, but it was pretty convenient. Then we went out for dinner to Not Your Average Joe's, a really cool small chain in Massachusetts, to celebrate having some free time. After addressing more than half our invites, it's nice to have a little down time. but I know it won't last.

Now we have the next two months to gather responses and come up with seating assignments, write out escort cards, and multiple other diy projects....too bad we can't hit fast forward to the wedding date.

Were you super excited to get your invitations in the mail?