Sunday, August 1, 2010

Girl's Weekend: Kennebunkport

Newport Mom wanted to do something special before Mr. Newport and I say "I do". So one weekend in May she took me and Sister Newport on a girl's weekend to Kennebunkport, ME. We took Friday off and headed up Maine's coastline.

The weekend was filled with shopping, laughing, movies, great food and lots of quality time.
Newport Mom even surprised me by sneaking up some of my favorite wedding movies. It worked out well because day 2 of the trip was rainy. We snuck in a few of my favorites over the three day trip. No matter how many times I watch Father of the Bride, I still love it! I don't think I can ever get sick of that one.

We went to lots of cute shops and some interesting ones, like Woods to Goods, a store where inmates at the Shawshank Prison make items out of wood, which are sold in the store. Our inkeeper said it's a popular place to purchase wedding gifts, the wooden salad bowls being the most popular. They are great conversation pieces for sure.

Also on the wedding front, we were told to check out the wedding cake house, I didn't know what to expect. I thought it would be in the shape of a cake or look like one, but I think it has it's reputation due to the amazing detail of the outside of the house, similar to the intricate detail of a wedding cake. I have never seen a house like it. The shopping and exploring got us hungry, so we went to a few restraunts over the course of the weekend, and we even made a special trip to Kittery for Newport Mom. She was told she had to go to Flo's who allwgedly has the best hot dogs ever.
She said it lived up to expectations.Although the hot dogs at Flo's were pretty amazing, none of the weekends food could compare to the dinner we had at The White Barn Inn. It's definitely a special occasion place, if anyone's doing a mini-moon in Kenebunkport, it's such a romantic place and it was the best meal I've ever had.

Overall, the weekend was great, despite the weather. It was fun to have some non-wedding planning bonding time with Newport Mom and Sister Newport. It was relaxing and fun.

Did you have any special bonding time with your mom before the wedding?


Nicole-Lynn said...

That sounded like a fun trip! Glad you girls had a good time!

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