Monday, August 16, 2010

Find your Seat!

When we started planning our starfish nuptials, I knew for sure I wanted to use starfish for the escort cards. I've seen quite a few photos of these and love the idea!


I know it may seem predictable, since we've used starfish on our save the dates and invitations, but I think it will be fun and new to our guests. I've seen these images all over the internet, but I've never actually seen it at a wedding. So while it may seem unoriginal to me, I think it may be fun and new to some of our guests.

I think sometimes as a bride, you search the internet and wedding magazines for ideas and become immune to details. It takes much more to "wow" another bride with a unique idea than it does to "wow" your average wedding guest.


Like candy buffets. I absolutely love them, but I figured everyone knows these are super trendy at weddings. When Sister Newport had one at her wedding last October, you would have thought she came up with the idea herself! Guests loved it! They actually still talk about it almost a year later! It was a huge hit and seemed totally unique.

So when it comes to details at your wedding, go with what you love, even if you think it may be too trendy or unique. Chances are if you love it, your guests will too!

Are you including any trends at your wedding? Do you think the trend will seem new and exciting to your guests or more of a been there, done that, seen it?


Genevieve said...

I agree with you! Most guests aren't in the middle of planning weddings so they haven't seen all of the trendy stuff. Your guests will love the starfish escort cards. I had lots of trendy things! I had a thumbprint guest book tree, a wish jar, picture frame escort cards, a fauxtobooth, flip flop dancing shoes, unity sand, and of course a candy buffet! DH's poor cousin had her wedding one month after ours so her candy buffet, unity sand, and thumbprint guest book tree didn't seem as original b/c half of the wedding guest had just been to our wedding. A few ppl were like look they copied you. I was like no that is just what everyone does now!

Snowy said...

i used the starfish placecard idea for my engagement party and everyone loved it. it's really a cute idea!

and i totally agree with you on ideas becoming unoriginal, even if they really aren't!

my sister and i are getting married 7 weeks apart so i'm always careful of using DIFFERENT ideas since half the people will have already seen it at her wedding! it's tough!

Sara said...

My guests aren't in the blog wedding world daily. My guests are just guests with one or two just married brides thrown in who will appricate a trend or two.

We are doing a candy buffet as a favor, cupcake wedding cake, flip flop dancing shoes, and a Sunday Brunch. Trendy? Sure. But I love every detail